Weekly Wrap June 18-24

Posted by samuel on June 24, 2012 in writing discussion, writing updates |

Writing wrap for the week of June 18-24

June 18 — My story, Fire Season, went live at Wily Writers today. Was strange hearing it read aloud by someone other than myself but, interestingly, gave me a major adrenaline rush. No idea why.

Was a work day today. Had two shortish writing sessions tonight (half-hour to forty minutes each). Wrote 1,255 words on the novel. Left it mid-scene in an interesting conversation between protag and what might turn out to be an ally.

June 19 — Early start. If possible, i’ll try for 3 1/2 writing sessions today. 1,391 words in the first session.

Second session, 1,386 words. Should hit 40k today.

Third session, 1,601 words. Probably my last session of the day. So 4,378 for the day, taking the novel word count to 40,631.

June 20 — first day of visiting friends. Also have new laptop, which will be my only writing tool for the next few days. Forgot to bring my Office 2010 key. Aargh! I can use OpenOffice, but i hate how they deal with rtf files.

Got Office 2010 sorted, but no novel writing done today. Hanging out with friends i rarely see takes precedence, i guess ;) Writing possibilities are being explored, however. Perhaps even collaborative projects.

June 21 — Worked a bit on a new short story. Fun times. Only 215 words, but better than nothing.

June 22 — Probably going to do some table top RPGing tomorrow, something i haven’t done for yonks. Group of a dozen or so, apparently, most of which are pretty new to RPing. I think the friend i’m staying with (who’s the GM) has painted me as some sort of experienced gamer who’s all about the roleplay. Damn it :P. Not fond of crowds of people i don’t know at the best of times, and especially not when i’ll be near the center of attention.

Ah well, at least i’ve created a cool character (the subject of the story i started yesterday, actually, but set in a different universe to the game one). An absent-minded scholarly type who travels the known universe collecting ancient or obscure information. Not to sell, but just because he likes to know stuff.

487 words on the new short story.

June 23 — Tabletop RPG day. I am soooooo out of practice! No writing.

June 24 — Woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat of doom. Last few weeks sickness has threatened, but not eventuated. But, of course, while i’m on vacay visiting friends, i get actually sick. So far today i’ve been extra sedentary, watching movies. No writing done.

Weekly writing stats:

Novel Words: 5,633 words
Current Novel Word Count: 40,631
Short Story Words: 702
Total Words: 6,735 words
Stories Published: 1
Rejections: 0! (surprising)

Didn’t meet the goals i set last Sunday, but i guess i didn’t really take into account being on holiday.

Goals for next week:

Back home on Tuesday, and have to work an extra half day, so we’ll go for 10K for the week, for both novel and short fiction.

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  • prezzey says:

    Have you tried LibreOffice? It has much better RTF support than OpenOffice (at least my standard submission format files no longer have messed-up formatting!) and it’s still being actively developed. You’ve probably missed the kerfluffle – all the main OpenOffice devs left to work on LibreOffice, OOo is now basically dead. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LibreOffice

    Don’t be misled by the recent OpenOffice 3.4, it only has a few minor improvements and the main reason for releasing it was to remove licensing the new rights holder dislikes. (Here’s an informative post, but it probably has way more info you’ll ever need…)

    • samuel says:

      Thanks, prezzey! I had missed all the kerfuffle. Thanks for the info. I’ll check LibreOffice out. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Ronin says:

    How did the RPG go? What game was it?
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • samuel says:

      Star Wars, Saga. First time i’ve table-topped Saga. It went well. High point being my character not dying in some underground caverns, and actually not missing a shot, though he is most definitely not a fighter. Low point, rolling a 1 when forging some authorization documents, which is something my character should be able to do in his sleep. That got a wee bit tricky :D

      The GM there has about a dozen guys playing, so much kudos to him for keeping up with everything and running an excellent campaign.

      Thanks for the well wishes–seems the flight back home has made the cold worse, but hopefully that means it won’t linger!

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