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Posted by samuel on February 27, 2012 in writing discussion |

Apparently i’m not doing so well at blogging more regularly. I think about it, but that seems to be as far as i’m getting right now.

However, here i am, talking into the electronic void. Hear me, interweb! For i am writer! Sometimes.

Actually, not much of one this month, if we’re being brutally honest. Yes, i’ve subbed two brand new stories, but they were finished last month. One of them even, the novelette i’ve mentioned in passing before, was started way back in May last year. Finally finished at the beginning of Jan, and edited this month. It’s 9,700 words and i like it very much. However, i do have trouble telling if longer stuff is actually done and has its weight in all the right places. I’ve had other long stories i’ve liked very much which haven’t worked on several levels, and i’ve got the writer frets that this one isn’t working either. I’m yet to hear back from the market it’s at, so we shall see.

The other piece that’s gone out the door is flash. It’s vignette rather than complete story, though, and it’s lit rather than genre, so i’m not sure where to send it (it’s had a couple Rs already and is now sitting in my to-send folder). Does Every Day Fiction go for vignette? Most of the stories i recall from them have beginnings, middles and ends. Mine does too, but it’s character introspection rather than action.

Speaking of mainstream/lit stories, you might recall last year i sold a story to NZ literary print zine, Takahe. Well, this morning i got an email from The Review Review saying they’d reviewed Takahe #73, and that they thought they’d let me know i and my story, The Race, got a mention. It was a nice mention (almost two mentions, actually), and particularly so because The Race is the only piece of non-spec-fic stuff i’ve sold (and before this month the only piece i’d tried to sell). The full review is here.

Last month was light on the rejections, this month not so much. 10 so far, with a couple days left. No sales yet for the year. 12 stories out, and 2 stories written last month that are awaiting a polish.

Like i said up top, i haven’t written much of anything in Feb. I had one public holiday day where i ripped out some novel words–Badgerpunk!–but apart from that i haven’t had the energy in the evenings or weekends to write. That’s not to say i haven’t had the desire or the ideas. In fact, i’ve been following this month’s Flash Fiction challenge over at Absolute Write, and keep going, ‘ooh, i’ve got something for this prompt,’ and ‘ahh, i know what i could do for this prompt.’ I will write you, prompt ideas, i will! And, seriously, those prompts are really good. The four stories i wrote in January were based off the first four challenge prompts for that month. Three of them were longer than flash, too.

Issue #3 of C&C is slowly coming together. I’ve sent out contracts for poetry tonight, and heard from L.E Badillo a couple days ago that the cover is nearing completion. I’ve got a few stories in my maybe pile, but there’s still acres of room if you’re thinking of submitting. Don’t worry if you’re a previous contributor; i’m quite happy to publish the same writers in each issue if they keep sending in awesome stories :)

One of the ideas i’ve had to get me blogging more regularly, and to perhaps expand the scope of the blog from it just being me the writer talking about writing, is to do prompt blogs. I threw this out there on Twitter a couple weeks ago, and Polenth Blake suggested mushrooms. So, my next blog post will be on mushrooms. And it will be next week, not in four weeks time. Anybody got ideas for my next one after that (in a general interest, interesting vein–not really in a deep and meaningful issues vein)?

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