January Wrap

Posted by samuel on February 1, 2012 in writing discussion, writing updates |

January’s done already. Wow. Then again, i say that at the end of every month :P

So, what’s happened writing- and editing-wise for me this month?

I reopened C&C to subs. Picked a layout for cover #3 of C&C (once again being done by the immensely talented L.E. Badillo). Have yet to buy any stories for the issue, but do have a few in my maybe pile.

Personal writing-wise, i gathered together some poems at the beginning of the month and sent them off to a market i’d love to be in. Have yet to hear back on any of them, but i’m sure i will soon.

Wrote over 16K on the badgerpunk novel. Most of that was during my vacation time. It’s a fun book, though i foresee readership difficulties because it’s so easy to think of the animals as cute and cuddly, and forget that they’re also carnivores and omnivores and there’s a war brewing. Which is to say, some animals die. In all honesty, it shocked me when i realized this, but i can’t see a way around it. At least they’re not dying at the hands of human cruelty–there are no humans in the story–but still. But then i remember all the cool cybernetic/steampunky stuff i’ve got going on and keep writing.

During the middle of the month i went on a bit of short story writing frenzy. Wrote 4 complete stories in 4 days. 1 was flash, but the rest were between 1300 and 2200 words. I’ve edited one up and sent it out the door already. That was my official W1S1 sub for the month. It’s called ‘Just Add Water.’

I also finished the first draft of a novelette i’d been working on, titled ‘Seaborn.’ A few days ago i went back to edit, thinking i’d easily cut words, and ended up adding words instead. It’s about 9,800 words long. I may have trouble selling it, but i do like it very much.

Only 5 rejections for the month, plus a story i withdrew from a market that looks dead and resubbed elsewhere. I had a story make it to the final round at one zine. They included notes from the slushies in the R, and i was surprised it’d been held for final consideration as none of them seemed to like the story! :D I have two stories in the red on duotrope (i own the longest pending response time for one of them) and i have another that i know for sure has made it past slush. In total, i currently have 10 stories and 5 poems out on sub.

Not a bad month, all round. Not as much writing as i’d like, but it’s hard to write and slush at the same time. I’ve found they take quite different mindsets.

How did January go for you?

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