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Howdy folks. I’ve got a treat for you today. Continuing the January W1S1 blog chain, which is all about interviewing a character, we have a guest post from Annie Colleen. She doesn’t blog, but she’s participating in the AW W1S1 Novel Challenge and wanted to get involved in the blog chain, so she’s posting her interview here.

And i better not hog the floor anymore. Here’s Annie!


Kim Kimball is the main character of Jaqueson Underground, a NaNoWriMo novel currently in revision. At the time of this interview, she’s in residence–or custody, depending who you ask–in the Outpost Resource Commission’s compound. Fortunately for the interviewer, the door in the fourth wall of her quarters cell bypasses the Commission’s monitors.

AC: So you’re Kim Kimball.

KIM: [shrug]

AC: We’ve gotten some questions from our readership about that name. The Resource Commission’s records list a Liza Kimball, daughter of Jules and Constance. Can you tell me about that?

KIM: You believe Commission records? [pause] Liza’s gone. Thirteen years now. My name’s Kimball.

AC: Called Kim.

KIM: [half-smile] If I like you well enough, maybe.

AC: Thirteen years. That would be the disaster at the Jaqueson Cooperative mine?

KIM: If you know about it, why ask?

AC: But you – Liza – weren’t at the mine that morning.

KIM: I’m sitting here, aren’t I? [long pause] No. No, I wasn’t. My father didn’t…. They’d had equipment failures. Machinery degrading faster than it should have. He went down to look it over. Might be we could scrounge repairs without begging more credit. [laugh] Or pin the repairs on them. Those were Commission machines.

AC: Then you feel equipment failure was responsible for the collapse?

KIM: [silence]

AC: I’m sorry. I know this is a painful subject for you.

KIM: It happened. People died. What else can you say?

AC: Only as much as you want to. Now, what about the present day? I understand you at least still live in the Jaqueson Hills.

KIM: Who told you that? Commission says I live in Jacky-town. There’s nothing left in those hills.

AC: And yet Station gossip says Kim Kimball in town means trouble for someone.

KIM: Do they say that? I wouldn’t know.

AC: [pause] So, tell me about what’s happening now. We’re hearing about salvage efforts at some of the old sites, maybe even excavating the old mine. How do you think Jaqueson might benefit from those operations?

KIM: Benefit? I don’t know; is it a benefit when the ground collapses under you? Or when more people die trying to blast more sump rock out of the hills?

AC: Then you don’t think it can be safely done.

KIM: Safely. [pause] No. No, I don’t think it can. They don’t know what caused the first collapse. What makes them think it won’t happen again?

AC: Then these new operations should expect some opposition? Even those already licensed through the Resource Commission?

KIM: You mean, is Kim Kimball going to swoop down from the hills and spook them into the sump? [laugh] You’ve been listening to stories. Kim Kimball is going to walk into the Commission offices like a civilized person and let them know exactly what these — operations — have been up to. The Commission never licensed what’s been happening.

AC: Such as?

KIM: Trespassing, alienation of rights, illegal restraint….

AC: All that, even though there’s nothing left in these hills?

KIM: They’d like to think that.

AC: And you’re confident that your testimony will get those permits withdrawn?

KIM: The Commission has supported Jaqueson from the beginning. They have no reason to change that now.

AC: There’s been talk that the Commissioner who granted Jaqueson’s autonomy was certified insane.

KIM: The Mad Commissioner? The one who thought a swarm of cats was trying to kill him? I bet they told you sump dust causes hallucinations, too.

AC: You mean the rocks in those hills really do stand up and walk? And the big cats have human faces, and whisper nightmares?

KIM: Well, I don’t know. Are you a murdering corporate thief, or a rational human being?

AC: Point taken. We’ll leave that alone. So, tell me about Kim Kimball. Living in Jacky-town. Chatting with the Resource Commission. What does she do when she’s…I won’t say at home. Not otherwise occupied. And who would you say — in a general sense — is fortunate enough to be on first-name terms with Kim, as opposed to Kimball?

KIM: You think Kimball’s unfortunate? [pause] Not otherwise occupied. That’s hard to come by. Always more that needs doing. [long pause] Anything from before. You’ll think that’s sad.

AC: I’d say that could be seen as perfectly rational.

KIM: Now you’re being polite. [smile] There are…friends is too weak a word. Allies, say. Kin. Other Jaquesons. They’re more than anything. [pause] You want to get at Kim Kimball, that’s how you find her. But you won’t like what you find.

AC: I take it you mean something more — direct — than hazardous mining operations.

KIM: Illegal restraint, alienation of rights? For “trespassing” on a corporate expedition? Trespassing. Jaquesons, in the Jaqueson hills. Think about that.

AC: So you’re appealing to the Commission to free your friends.

KIM: Oh, they’re free. I wouldn’t wait on the Commission for that.

AC: So you…what, you let the corporates arrest you? In exchange for your friends?

KIM: Don’t make that sound too noble. It saved me some walking, is all. I was coming here anyway.

AC: Then you’re confident of a favorable result at the Commission hearing.

KIM: Didn’t I say that? They’ve always been fair with us. [starts to say more, but stops herself]

AC: Well…I won’t take up any more of your time. You’ll want to be ready for that hearing.

KIM: Right, of course. Come back any time. That door’s always open.


Awesome stuff, Annie! Thank you for participating and for allowing me to post your interview.

If you’re keen to read more of the January W1S1 blog chain, the previous post in the chain is defcon’s interview with Steven, and the next interview will be up at Dianna’s Writing Den shortly. For a full list of interviews, click this link.

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  • KitCat says:

    Very interesting! nice job Annie :)

  • defcon says:

    Interesting character! Well done, Annie. :)

  • BD Wilson says:

    Interesting character. It seems like there’s a lot going on in the world you’ve created.

  • LilliCray says:

    Oooooh… fascinating interview, Annie! And fascinating character. And fascinating world. And… you probably get the point. (Which probably is that I should stop using the word “fascinating” because it’s weird. But also true! In this case. Fascinating.)

    This is like the coolest blog chain EVER.

  • AnnieColleen says:

    Thanks, y’all! Kim’s a lot of fun to work with. I’m really curious to see how this revision turns out, with all the new snippets I’m finding.

    (I’ve been reading through the other interviews; will try to comment when I can.)

  • Sealey says:

    Ooh, I really like her name, Annie. It rolls off the tongue easily. Kim Kimball. I keep hearing it in my head like James. James Bond. ;)

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  • Rhonda says:

    Hi! :)

    I came by to congratulate you on sticking to your W1S1 goals. I wasn’t sure if this was the most appropriate place to leave my note, but it was the most recent post so I went with it :)


    • samuel says:

      Thanks, Rhonda :)

      This is actually a guest post, so not by me (though i’m sure Annie will take the congrats, too :D ). But, i should have a Jan W1S1 wrap-up post done sometime today.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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