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Posted by samuel on January 10, 2012 in writing discussion, writing updates |

My holiday has continued to be busy with things.

I now have an Amazon author’s page. Except i can’t include C&C #1 and #2 on my list of books because i put myself down as the editor, not an author, and apparently editors can’t include stuff they’ve edited on their author page. Which makes sense, i suppose. I could email them and ask that i be changed from an editor to an author, but that wouldn’t be right, and i like for things to be accurate.

On a side note: the like button may be the invention that finally transcends the wheel.

I also signed up for SpecFicNZ, which is New Zealand’s speculative fiction organization. It was only formed in 2009, and i think i might be member 100. I’m not usually all that into fiction associations/organizations/et al, but this is a local endeavor, and speculative fiction in NZ needs as much support as it can get.

Dachs is being written. I’m enjoying it immensely. Just under 13K in (and will be finishing off a scene after i write this post), and already i’m adding new cast members and expanding the roles of other groups. Heh–i can even see potential for a trilogy.

I’ve looked at some design layouts for the cover of C&C #3, and chosen one, and i think it’s going to be awesome. Really, really awesome.

Oh yeah, i’m thinking of starting a cafepress store for Comets and Criminals. I have to say, the idea of walking around wearing a Comets and Criminals tee or hoody is very appealing. As is drinking from a Comets and Criminals mug. And paying for things out of a Comets and Criminals wallet. I probably shouldn’t get too carried away, though. :D

Speaking of C&C, this week i added a ‘Released This Week‘ page, which displays the stories and poems released this week. It needs to be manually updated, but it’s only editing a tiny piece of code to make sure it’s replicating the right pages. Hopefully this’ll make it easier for people to get to the newest stories and poems. I’m not sure ‘Released This Week’ is the best page title, though, so if you have any ideas for a better one, let me know in the comments :)

Last day of leave tomorrow. I have a novelette that needs editing, but i think that’ll wait until the weekend. I have more badgerpunk (or Dachpunk, if you prefer) to write!

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