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Well, i now have a Facebook Author’s page. Here it is, if you want to have a look. I’m not sure exactly what it’s meant to do, but i guess it’s another place to notify people of sales and when a story or poem is available. And you’ve got to be where the people are, i guess.

Though, that being said, i’m a far more off beaten roads type of guy. My ideal place to live is in the bush, near a river and a beach. It’s not particularly practical, for a variety of reasons, but it’d be great.

Truth be told, i haven’t really gotten into Facebook yet. I have a personal page that never gets visited, a page for Comets and Criminals that does get updated regularly, and now an Author page. One thing i really don’t like about Facebook is how snoopy it is. It recommends people i should friend that it could only know about if it collected cc information from work emails.

Anyway, before i go all ranty late on a Wednesday night, let’s talk about other stuff.

Comets and Criminals issue #2 is out. You can buy the full issue for $2.99 (US) in Kindle, epub, or pdf from our shop, in Kindle from Amazon (speaking of which, i really need to set up an Amazon author’s page; that seems to me to be infinitely more useful than a Facebook one, yet isn’t the one i’ve done), and from Smashwords. The reason we have a Smashwords edition is to get distribution into Barnes and Noble and Kobo and Apple, etc. That version is still awaiting approval for the Premium Catolog, which gives distribution into those place, but hopefully it gets approved soon. Unfortunately, being in NZ, i can’t upload directly to Barnes and Noble myself.

C&C issue #2 is great, in my admittedly biased opinion. A great blend of genres and story types. And the cover art, by the very talented L.E. Badillo, is gorgeous. Check out the small version on the sidebar there, then go look at the big version over at C&C. L.E. Badillo has agreed to do the cover art for issue #3, too, which is glee-inducing.

We (royal editor plural) have reopened to subs at C&C, and increased the maximum word lengths across all genres to 10,000. I’ve given myself until the end of Feb to fill up issue #3, though i’ll delay the release if necessary.

2011 shot by so fast! It’s been my busiest year for some time, writing-wise. Write1Sub1 got me writing regularly again, and subbing regularly, and selling more regularly than ever before. I also started a zine, and somehow ended up moderating a couple areas of the Absolute Write forums (though the peeps in my areas are so well behaved moderation is hardly needed; basically i exist to cheerlead and run with peoples ideas for challenges and sticky threads and suchlike).

This year promises to be busy as well. I’m continuing the W1S1 challenge, at a reduced rate of 1 story every 2 months, at least to begin with, and am participating in the Novel Challenge (one of those ideas that someone at AW had and i ran with).

Right now i’m on holiday, and i was planning on spending most of the holiday writing novel words. Except i haven’t written a single one yet, and the holiday is a week-and-a-half old already, with only a week left. In the immortal words of the twentieth century’s greatest philosopher: ‘D’oh!’

I haven’t been idle though. There’s been hanging new curtains and shears, doing a big summer clean out, and buying a bookcase. A beautiful, beautiful bookcase. Two meters tall, dark mahogany, with small drawers in between each level of shelving. And it’s already full of books. I could sit and stare at it all day :D

There was also a brief road trip to the top of the North Island of NZ and back. About 12 hours of driving over the course of a day and a half. We drove along a beach called Ninety Mile Beach. It’s only 64 miles (110 kms) or so, but it’s a great drive all the same. Dunes and streams on one side, surf on the other. Plus, we saw wild horses trotting along the smaller dunes at beach’s edge. Foals, too. We were going past too quickly for me to whip out a camera and take pics, so you’ll have to take my word for how awesome it was. Once we hit the end of the beach we drove up a large stream back to the road, zipped up to Cape Reinga, slept next to the lighthouse, then drove back home.

So, tomorrow is the day i’ll start writing novel words. No, really. Problem i have now is i’m not sure if i want to continue the novel i’m working on, or dig into a new one based on an outline i found while tidying. I’ve been told that talking animal novels are hard sells, but who wouldn’t want to read about cybernetically enhanced badgers and dachshunds battling it out in a post-apocalyptic Berlin? There’ll also be cybernetically enhanced rats, possibly with mechanical wings, and enhanced dobermans and rottweilers and other animals. I was going to call it Dachs, which, unsurprisingly, given the reason dachshunds were bred, is German for badger.

Yeah, i think i’ll write Dachs. Maybe i can create a whole subgenre called Dachpunk!

Anyhoo, enough rambling. Some reading and then bed. Hope all your years’ are starting off well!

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  • Debs says:

    I haven’t really got into Facebook, although I have a page. I suspect it’s one of these things, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

    It’s occasionally handy when people want to contact me. Plus I got a lot of birthday wishes, which was nice.

    I’m really liking your novel outline, Sam. Heck if I was an editor, I’d be asking for the manuscript.

    • samuel says:

      You’re probably right. Same with Twitter and all the other social networking type things.

      If only you were an editor! :D I’m looking forward to kicking into the novel today. New Project Excitement!

  • I second the vote for Dachs — but don’t forget Goldar. Must have more Goldar!

    • samuel says:

      Dachs is the go then! And i’ll have to write another Goldar story or two this year. I’ve started one, but only got a page in before setting it aside. I must pull it back out and work on it some more! :)

  • Simon Kewin says:

    Exciting year ahead! Best of luck with it.

  • Simon Kewin says:

    Incidentally, I love your W1S1 graphics. OK if I grab them for my own site? I’m definitely doing the monthly short; still considering that novel challenge …

  • Lydia Gray says:

    I duz make badges :)

    Yay! Dachs!!!!

    Do it, make them famous, and then we can all write Dachpunk and be in an anthology :D

    NZ sounds lovely! Especially the horses.
    Especially the foals.

    • samuel says:

      Oooh–good idea. Dachpunk can be the next punk!

      NZ is lovely :) We don’t get wild horses in all that many places, though. In fact, i didn’t even realize wild horses lived at Ninety-Mile Beach until i saw them.

  • Lydia Gray says:

    Ninety-Mile Beach???

    You don’t know how much that sounds like paradise.
    That’s just like a whole world of beach, for ever and ever.

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