10 Ways to Use Other People’s Product Launches For Your Own Business

Product Launches – The Goldmine of Internet Marketing Tutorials

Now recently I wrote an article about product launch spamming and I stick true to the article in regards to the saturation of these launches into our email boxes 24 hours a day.  But I am also aware of the pure gold that these launches provide in the form of

  • tutorials,
  • strategies,
  • ideas,
  • and blueprints,

for your business when creating your own product launch.

Some of the most recent successful launches of late are Frank Kern’s Traffic Geyser.  I love this guy, he keeps it simple, tells it like it is and has branded himself brilliantly as not only being a smart and knowledgeable guy with regards to internet marketing, but also someone who is just like you and me. 

Another recent launch was John Reese’s product. John pops his head up every 12 mths or so with a new product and then disappears and you don’t hear from him for a while.  This is also a brilliant strategy as he leaves everyone wondering what he is doing, creates anticipation and always comes out with some amazing strategy or launch idea that is always worth waiting for. People love him including me. 

One of the his most recent comments in his video prelaunch was about creating and owning more of your own online real estate.  It was a brilliant analogy which basically means ” the more links you have, articles you create, blogs you write and videos you upload the more you are increasing your online realestate”.  It is so true, backlinks are the gold nuggets of this industry and those who understand this strategy make money online.  Every time you create something online you own another little piece of cyberspace and the beauty of this is that there is no limit to what you can own!

Currently there is a brilliant product launch with Dan Kennedy called Info Riches.  This man is the GURU of GURU’s when it comes to internet marketing.  If Dan Kennedy introduces a new strategy, idea or product launch, you can guarantee there will not be one internet marketing Guru who will not be participating, watching, studying or listening to find out about this launch.

With that being said, here are some ways you can use other people’s product launches to improve your own business success:

  1. Keep your eyes and ears focused in the Guru forums for whispers of upandcomming product launches so that you can be ready to watch, listen and learn.
  2. Once you start getting ‘ pre launch’ emails create a folder and keep them, these make great study tools for when you’re ready to create your own product launch.
  3. If you can sign up as an affiliate for the launch, I highly recommend it to get a clear understanding of the process and the set-up of a successful launch.  You will be amazed at how much free tips, tricks and strategies are given away in the backend to help you promote the launch.  These are fantastic tools to help you with your own launch down the track.  (The Gurus study this material with a fine tooth comb to ensure they understand the full blueprint of the launch strategy).
  4. Watch to see the implementation strategy for reeling people in slowly, building anticipation without too much hype. eg How many emails, video’s and lead ins are there before the actual event?  How long does the teaser last before the product actually launches? These are all strategies and tactics that have been studied and split tested. 
  5. Watch to see what type of mediums are they using for their teasers eg videos, email only, tutorial samples, free giveaways etc
  6. Take a note of how many Gurus are sending you promo emails?  If most of them are participating you can guarantee that they believe it is a good product launch that is going to make them money ( they compete against each other to see who can make the most money of another Guru’s product launch).
  7. Look for their scarcity tactics? eg  Dan Kennedy is allowing those who are part of the pre-lauch sole resell rights to his products after it launches ( great strategy to ensure ongoing sales after the launch).
  8. After the product has launched, see how long you keep receiving emails and keep these emails to study as well.  People are still making sales off their lists sometimes weeks after the actual launch.
  9. Then keep an eye out for the success stories that always follow a successful product launch.  This is all part of your marketing and positioning of you and your brand plus strategies for continuing ongoing residual sales.
  10. Now go and study what you have seen and create a blueprint for your own business.  Why reinvent the wheel, use tried and proven strategies, learn from them, tweak and keep learning.

Don’t forget, most of the

  • information,
  • tools, 
  • tips and,
  • resources, 

you need to get started online is staring at you everyday in your inbox.  Starting tomorrow I highly recommend creating your own ‘cheat sheet’ folder and join the rest of the smart internet gurus out there.  Also if you have not signed up for Dan Kennedy’s latest product launch, I highly recommend you do this will probably be one of the best launches to study this year!  If you want to know more visit the home page of my website to sign-up for your emails.

To Your Success.